First and foremost the Aranui is a working freighter not a luxury cruise liner. It is the lifeline for the remote Marquesas and a portion of the Tuamotus. It provides isolated villages with everything from meat, medicine, cement, lumber, fuel, beer and other staples. The freighter then brings back copra, pearl shells and a variety of local products to the main islands. Watching the crew handle the movement of cargo is all part of the fascination of the voyage.

The Aranui III features 85 cabins. Many of the ships amenities are ones found on smaller cruise ships such as air-conditioned cabins, bar, lounge, video room, library, gym and a sun deck with swimming pool. You will travel in the company of like-minded adventure seekers from all corners of the world. Embark on the island of Tahiti with ports of call on Takapoto, Ua Pou, Nuku Hiva, Tahuata, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Ua Huka and Rangiroa. These distinctive isles are quite different from Tahiti and her Society Islands sisters.

Visit the Marquesas Islands, which have no protective barrier reefs, so the surf breaks on shore. You will certainly notice this feature when the time comes for your first landfall. You will go ashore in a large longboat, expertly piloted through the surf by the crew. These islands often appear uninhabited from the ship, as most villages are located in inland valleys, each separated from the other by steep mountain ridges. On each island, you will see bays as lovely as any in the South Pacific yet infinitely wilder than those in the Society chain. The Bay of Virgins and the Bay of Traitors will truly take your breath away. And, Hakaui Bay on Nuku Hiva may be the loveliest of them all.

Included in your passage and adding to the spirit of adventure are guided excursions on several of the islands. You will visit villages few foreigners ever see, where artisans practice the ancient crafts of wood and stone carving. Challenging hikes up into the valleys reveal fascinating artifacts of the old Marquesan culture, such as giant tikis and stone temples. You will return from these trips tired and thoroughly exhilarated by the sights you have seen. Optional swimming parties and shorter, less demanding walks are also offered.

Facts About the Ship
Length - 386
Speed - 15 knots
Suites with Balconies - 10
Deluxe A Cabins - 12
Standard A Cabins - 63
Dormitory Style Bunk Beds - 30 

Aranui III 13 Nights 2008 Sailing Schedule (pricing & dates subject to change)

Voyage No.
Depart Papeete
Return Papeete
Jan 12
Jan 25
Feb 02
Feb 15
Feb 23
Mar 07
Mar 15
Mar 28
Apr 05
Apr 18
Apr 26
May 09
May 17
May 30
Jun 07 *
Jun 20
Jun 28
Jul 11
Jul 19
Aug 01
Aug 09
Aug 22
Aug 30**
Sep 12
Sep 20
Oct 03
Oct 11
Oct 24
Nov 01
Nov 14
Nov 22
Dec 05
Dec 13
Dec 26


* Inquiry regarding promotional special 15% discount
** Senior Special 15% discount

Suite  $4800+ $480 (tax) per person
Queen bed, private facilities, refriderator, large outside cabin

Deluxe A  Cabin $4400+ $310 (tax) per person
Queen bed with private facilities, large outside cabin

Standard A Cabin $3675+ $290 (tax) per person
Two lower berths, with private facilities, outside cabin

Class C $2075 + $250 (tax) per person
Upper and lower berths in A/C area shared dormitory style with other passengers

Additional Costs
25% deposit at time of booking

Cancellations or Modifications (Days prior to departure)
More than 60 days $75 per person
Within 45 - 60 days 1/3 cost of voyage
Within 31 - 44 days 2/3 cost of voyage
Within 30 days 100% cost of voyage

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