The Island of Huahine. A comprehensive description and general information along with the
most popular tours and activities on Huahine!


Huahine is known as the "Garden Isle". The magical quality of this delightful island is felt almost from the moment you arrive in this very special place. Huahine is the ideal island to experience the traditional Polynesian way of life. It offers a peaceful, happy existence with little change for generations. There are actually two islands that comprise Huahine. A common barrier reef surrounds them with several passes providing openings from the sea to deep harbors. All around both islands are plantations of vanilla, coffee and taro. There are groves of breadfruit, mango, banana and papaya. Offshore motus lie inside the reef where watermelons and cantaloupe flourish in the white coral sand.

The lagoon is rich with sea life and Maeva Village is a wealth of archeological sites. You will enjoy wandering in and out of the shops in the main village of Fare. You can drive a car around the island, take le truck to a distant village, ride a horse along a white sand beach or bicycle down a paved road. Outrigger canoe tours will take you to deserted beaches. And, if you are a surfer, the best waves in Polynesia can be found at Avamoa Pass. The principal village of Fare slumbers under the shade of acacia trees and awakens with delight for the frequent arrivals of the inter-island ferries. The truckloads of copra, pigs, taro, bananas and melons are brought to the quay for market day. People from all over the island mingle with arriving passengers, all enjoying the bustling activity. Then the ships bid farewell and head out the pass, the last le truck leaves town headed for the village once again. And life on this peaceful island resumes its normal pace.

Tours and Activities* Half-Day Four-wheel Drive Island Safari
Discover the majestic beauty of both Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti on this jeep exploration of the twin islands. You will ascent the steepest road on the island from where you will have a spectacular panorama over Maroe Bay. You will continue on to Maeva to visit the most important marae on the island, Potee Marae. Your excursion will also take you to Parea where the best beaches on the island are found.
From $65 per person Rental Car

Drive the partially paved road that winds around the twin islands of Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti. Exotic foliage lines the route that passes by several small villages, giving you the opportunity to meet the people who are fortunate enough to live here.
8 hour rate $100 per car
Scuba Diving
Huahine offers brilliant displays of coral ledges and cliffs along with an endless variety of tropical fish.
One tank dive $90 per person

*Tours and activities may vary in price and content based on the individual tour operator.


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