The Marquesas are seemingly lost at the end of the earth. This group of islands is clustered near the equator about 930 miles from Tahiti (approximately a 3 hour flight from Papeete). A deep marine channel about 69 miles wide separates the islands into northern and southern groups. Nuku Hiva, in the northern group is the largest island in the chain and is also the most populous. Hiva Oa, in the southern group, is the second largest. It is here the artist Paul Gauguin is buried. Natural wonders overtake your senses on these remote islands as 1000ft waterfalls cascade down sheer volcanic cliffs and towering mountains disappear mysteriously in the clouds. Unlike others islands of French Polynesia there are no coral reefs or lagoons. The ocean crashes directly against the rocky coast indented with fjord-like bays.
Hidden in the mountains and deep in the jungles of the Marquesas the unique and rich cultural heritage is revealed in ancient archaeological sites with ceremonial complexes, stone temples and tiki statues. Famous for intricate woodcarvings, Marquesans apply ancestral designs seen nowhere else on earth. Bowls, plates and statues are highly prized the world over and can be found throughout the islands.
For the adventurer, the Marquesas offers an abundance of exciting and unique experiences in the way of hiking over mountain trails to inland cascades, 4 x 4 safaris through jungle-like forests, horse back riding on remote beaches and diving into underwater caves among schools of large marine life.
With new, attractive accommodations and more frequent air schedules, the Marquesas are now more accessible than ever before.

Tours and Activities

Nuku Hiva

Guided Hiking Tour
Hike in to the spectacular landscape through the coconut groves arriving at a plateau with breathtaking view. Then discover the fascinating archeological site of Koueva.
Half-Day from $60 per person

4 x 4 Land Safari
Climb over the high plateau of Toovii only to have come into view Taipivai Valley, made famous in Herman Melville's book "Typee". This valley is one of the largest and most fertile valleys in Nuku Hiva and has numerous waterfalls, a long river and one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in the Marquesas, including several tikis.
Half-Day from $95 per person

Horse Back Riding
1 Hour from $40
Half-Day from $90

Scuba Diving
1 Dive from $95

Hiva Oa

Guided Bike Tour
Visit the village of Atuona, the administrative center for the southern Marquesas. Framed in a theatre of mountains with the Bay of Traitors providing safe anchorage, Atuona is a favorite port of call for yachts and copra ships. A path up to the cliffs behind the village leads to Calvary Cemetery. Here are the simple graves of two men who choose Marquesas as their final home and resting place, the French painter Paul Gauguin and the Belgian singer Jacques Brel.
Half-Day from $45 per person

Hiking and 4 x 4 Land Safari
On this guided tour you will discover the island's archeology and history, as well as its flora and fauna. Herds of goats graze while wild horses roam the tablelands. Wild cotton and fragrant herbs cover the hills. You will see local artisans at work and visit ancient sites of petroglyphs.
Half- Day from $50 per person

*Tours and activities may vary in price and content based
on the individual tour operator.


Photos Courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme 

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