The Island of Tahiti. A comprehensive description and general information along with the most popular tours and activities on Tahiti!

Tahiti, often called "The Island of Love" is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia. The exotic name "Tahiti" not only refers to this island but also to the group of islands that comprise French Polynesia.

Papeete, Tahiti's capital is the economic and political heart of French Polynesia.It is also the telecommunications and airline center along with the largest population base of all the islands. It is a busy port city with international cargo freighters, copra ships, luxury liners and sailing yacht charters sharing its harbor. Its streets hum with cars, motor scooters and colorful open-air buses called "le truck". There are fine restaurants and sidewalk cafes offering excellent cuisine to suit all tastes and budgets. Shop for black pearls, hand-blocked fabrics, exquisitely carved bowls, drums, tikis, local shell crafts, baskets and vanilla beans. French imports such as perfumes are available in duty free shops. A "must see" is the Central Market located downtown behind the waterfront. It displays in an open-air fashion local flowers, fruits, fish and Tahitian handicrafts.

Away from the downtown area take a leisurely drive or guided tour around the island and discover the many faces of Tahiti. The scenic drives around Tahiti dazzle the senses with the tropical richness of nature. Country villages pose for postcard scenes and lush tropical flower gardens surround even the most modest of homes. Birdhouse-shaped boxes stand by the road in front of each home, ready to receive the daily delivery of fresh French bread while breadfruit trees with their waxy green leaves shade the road.

Many visitors arriving in Papeete no doubt expect grass huts, natives wearing pareos and the quiet crash of the surf. They are surprised to discover the hustle and bustle of this busy port city. On your way into or out of the outer islands, which offer a more tranquil, romantic setting, Tahiti is an interesting place to stop for a day or two. A stay on Tahiti at the end of your journey is especially convenient for last minute shopping and easy transit to your departing international flight.

Tours and Activities *

Full-Day Circle Island Tour
Your guide will tell you some of the history and legends as you visit Point Venus Lighthouse, the Arahoho Blowhole, Te Faaraumi Waterfall, and the Gauguin Museum. Enjoy a buffet lunch at the Gauguin Restaurant.
$120 per person with lunch

Half-Day Four-Wheel Drive Interior Island Safari
This exciting tour gives you a closer look at the fern covered peaks of Mount Marau and the surrounding valleys. Visit the inland waterfalls of Fa'arumai and the blowhole of Arahoho.
$80 per person

Rental Car

Rent a car and take a leisurely drive around the island. You can see some of the same attractions that brought other romantics to these shores. Around big Tahiti the road winds between the mountains and the sea. On little Tahiti, roads lead you to both the coast and interior, past dairy farms and citrus groves.
Daily rates from $120 per car

Scuba Diving
The island of Tahiti offers a fantastic array of marine life and unique diving adventures such as wrecks and submarine freshwater springs. Tahiti's underwater attractions are calm, clear lagoons, spectacular drop-offs and colorful reef fishes, some of which school to creature beautiful underwater kaleidoscopes. Tahiti Iti is frequented by humpback whales during the June - October period and bottlenose dolphins inhabit the area year round.
1 - tank dive: from $90 per person

Golf lovers delight! This 18-hole international championship course offers quality fairways and greens amid a site of exceptional beauty. With a length of 6550 yards, par-73, Atimaono golf course is a unique feature among the numerous charms of Tahiti.
Approximately $80 per person green fee

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*Tours and activities may vary in price and content based on the individual tour operator.

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