The Island of Bora Bora. A comprehensive description and general information along with the most
popular tours and activites on Bora Bora!

Bora Bora has been named "The Most Beautiful Island in the World". It is the jewel of the South Seas. Dominant from the moment you arrive are Mt. Otemanu and the twin peaks of Mt. Pahia, the most spectacular eroded remnants of an ancient sunken volcano. Many times shrouded in clouds, these sharply jagged cliffs take on mythical and mysterious qualities.

An artist's palette of hues, you will love counting the shades of color in these translucent waters. Tiny reef-islets called motus ring the opalescent waters like exotic little havens cast adrift. Coconut palms seem to quiver like a mirage on the horizon, and a confection of white sand beaches dip down in to crystal lagoons.

Explore the entire coastline of Bora Bora as it is only 20 miles around. Off-road excursions via 4-wheel drive, bicycles or hiking into this wild beauty will reveal incredible vistas and valleys. Discover the island passing colorful villages, archeological sites, old Army bunkers and cannons left over from World War II. Still in use today is the airport built by American G.I.s stationed on Bora Bora.

Nearly every water sport is enjoyed on the island, but most famous is it's snorkeling. The lagoon's countless species of tropical fish, brilliant coral gardens and crystal clear water create some of the very best undersea worlds you will ever find. For an exhilarating expedition, you can even swim with and watch local divers feed the sharks and stingrays. This is an amazing adventure that you will never forget. This is a place of dramatic beauty, warm waters and gentile climate. Bora Bora is truly one of nature's most inspired creations.

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Tours and Activities*

Half-Day Shark and Ray Feeding Excursion
This is Bora Bora's most popular excursion. It is an unforgettable experience. A motorized outrigger canoe speeds across the lagoon toward the barrier reef. You slip into the lagoon, just inside the fringing reef. Watch riveted, as countless tropical fish and black-tip reef sharks are hand feed. The sandy -bottomed location the stingrays enjoy will be visited next. You have a chance to even touch the rays. Rays are one of nature's most elegant swimmers, watch as they glide in an effortless ballet in and around the swimmers.

Half-Day Four-Wheel Drive Island Safari
You will tour places only accessible by way of these special vehicles. The highlight of the trip is the view of Faanui Bay from a traditional plantation high up in the mountains. This is a tour where you learn both the history and the way of life on the island.

Helicopter Sightseeing
Discover Bora Bora from a bird's eye view. Try to spot goats on the mountainside. Fly over the reefs and get a closer look at misty Mount Otemanu and see why no one has ever been able to climb to the top of this fabulous basalt obelisk. The flight is spectacular and very popular for all ages, especially for those who enjoy aerial photography.


Scuba Diving
In Bora Bora's multi-hued lagoons there is an abundance of marine life, including manta rays, sharks, barracuda, dolphins and turtles.

Jet Ski Tour
Enjoy a guided circle-island tour of Bora Bora riding your own jet ski. A unique opportunity to take amazing pictures of the "most beautiful lagoon in the world". Stop at a white sand beach for light refreshments and another stop at a motu for the coconut demonstration.

Jet Boat Tour
This is an exciting way to experience a circle-island tour of Bora Bora. Join a small group of fellow adventurers aboard a jet boat. Included in the tour is a stop for stingray feeding, snorkeling at the coral gardens, and a relaxing stop for refreshments.

Experience the thrill of views from high above Bora Bora's turquoise lagoon.

*Tours and activities may vary in price and content based on the individual tour operator. Please call for pricing.

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